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Security Screening Systems

Inspect people or items in a variety of sensitive environments.

People screening is the practice of searching people before allowing access to a secure area, for example at airports, court houses, prisons, or museums.  People screening electronic products are used to detect concealed weapons, explosives or other contraband without requiring physical contact between the security screener and the person being screened.

Until recently, metal detectors were the only electronic products commonly used for people screening. However, advanced imaging technologies are also available for people screening, using either millimetre waves or x-rays.

These products are also referred to as:

  • Full-body Security Scanners
  • Advanced Imaging Technology
  • Personnel Security Screening Systems
  • People Scanners

There are two types of full-body security screening systems currently (September 2010) used by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at airports: general-use x-ray and millimetre wave.  With each of these products, a person enters an inspection zone and remains still while the images are created.  The use of these products for airport security is described on the TSA’s web site, which also addresses privacy concerns regarding the TSA’s use of these products.