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Smart Building Systems Solutions

Enable a building to reach new levels of operational efficiency.

Modern buildings contain complex mechanical devices, sophisticated control systems and a suite of features to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of occupants. Many of these systems involve machine-to-machine communication, but because the data is general in nature and the communication protocols have been proprietary, information only flows along certain paths. The smart building will require connectivity between all the equipment and systems in a building. An example is chiller plant optimization, which boosts the efficiency of chiller operation by incorporating outside weather data and information about occupancy. Another example is using data from the building security system to turn off lights and reduce cooling when occupants are not present.

The movement toward interoperable, connected devices and systems within a building requires cooperation between many different parties, many of whom are historical business competitors. Despite the challenge, voluntary collaboration over the past two decades has led to the adoption of open standards such as BACnet®, Modbus®, and LonWorks®1, leveling the playing field by enabling every manufacturer and contractor to make their contribution to a functional whole. The result is a building where lighting, air conditioning, security and other systems pass data freely back and forth – leading to higher efficiency, more safety and comfort, and lower cost operation of the facility.